1hive doesn’t have a management hierarchy, people are free to come and go, contribute a lot or a little, to take up and champion initiatives or to simply hop in and provide casual support.

Swarms are self-organizing working groups within the 1hive community. They do not have any formal authority, they are simply social structures intended to help connect community members, focus discussions, and get things done.

Swarms can form around horizontal work areas or vertical project initiatives or themes. Rather than a strict structure, swarms are what they need to be and nothing more or less. In some cases a swarm is just a channel in discord, in other cases it may have an associated multisig or similar structure.

The following is a short and non-exhaustive list of active swarms:

Gardens - this is the frontend for 1hive.org which intends to evolve into a web3 social network. Currently it provides an interface for Honey distribution, but will be extended to support the creation and participation in 1hive’s swarms.

Celeste - this swarm is working on a decentralized oracle protocol forked from Aragon Court that incorporates Bright ID to make participation less capital intensive. It will be used, among other things, to enforce the 1Hive community covenant.

Tulip - this swarm is working on honeyswap, a fork of uniswap v2 on xDai that will incentivize liquidity provision using Honey. And other “Bee-Fi” related projects.

Flora - this is the dev ops operations swarm, members are currently looking at running validators and keepers on various decentralized networks.

Buzz - this is the communications swarm, works on documentation and communications material to help cross-pollinate our ideas to the rest of the world. Also makes honey memes.

Pollen - this swarm is administering an instance of sourcecred to distribute honey based on contribution to 1Hive repos on Github, Discord, and Discourse.